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Japanese Love Phrases


Japanese Phrases For I Love You

Have a look below for some phrases that will help you when you need to say “I love you” or perhaps something not so strong.

In Japanese, the word for “love” is “愛 (ai).” To say “I love you” in Japanese, you say “愛してる (Ai shiteru).”

Japanese Love Phrases

English 英語

Japanese 日本語

I really like you

Dai suki dayo 大好きだよ

May I kiss you?

Kisu shite mo ii? キスしてもいい?

I want to meet (see) you

Aitaiyo 会いたいよ

I love you

Ai shiteru 愛してる

Will you marry me?

Kekkon shite kureru? 結婚してくれる?

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How to Say “I Really Like You” in Japanese

Kanji: 大好きだよ

Hiragana: だいすきだよ

Romaji: Dai suki dayo 

So, you have been out for a couple of dates with someone you really really like and you want to express your feelings towards that person. What do you say to him or her?

You gaze into your date’s eyes and say “大好きだよ.” Special note: This is more casual and lighthearted than 愛してる, which will be explained further below.

How to Say “May I Kiss You?” in Japanese

Katakana & Hiragana: キスしてもいい?

Romaji: Kisu shite mo ii?

You have been going out with someone you like for some time now.

The two of you have just had a romantic candlelight dinner together and now you are enjoying the night scenery from Tokyo Tower.

You feel that the moment is right for a kiss, so you lean in closer and whisper this phrase “キスしてもいい?”

How to Say “I Want to Meet (See) You” in Japanese

Kanji: 会いたいよ

Hiragana: あいたいよ

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Romaji: Aitaiyo

Two weeks ago, you and your boy/girlfriend had a big argument. The two of you have not been in touch since then. You miss him/her like crazy and you decide to extend an olive branch.

So you call and say “会いたいよ.” Special note: You will hear this a lot in Japanese TV drama serials. There is a lot of unspoken meaning, desire and emotion behind this simple phrase.

Plainly put, it is more than just a meeting between friends or colleagues.

How to Say “I Love You” in Japanese

Kanji: 愛してる

Hiragana: あいしてる 

Romaji: Ai shiteru

Not just casual dating anymore, you and your better half have been through some rough patches together. You took care of her when she was down with chickenpox.

She gave you her full support to pursue a master’s degree. On your anniversary, you realize how far you have come in your relationship and you declare “愛してる.”

How to Say “Will You Marry Me?” in Japanese

Kanji: 結婚してくれる?

Hiragana: けっこんしてくれる? 

Romaji: Kekkon shite kureru?

You and your significant other have been a couple for a few years now. You have met each other’s family and friends, and you are sure you want to spend the rest of your life with each other.

The time is ripe to pop the question and propose. With a ring in hand, you get down on one knee and ask “結婚してくれる?”

That’s it for Japanese love phrases. Next, why don’t you check out some Japanese greetings and learn about telling time in Japanese?