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Japanese Vocabulary – Government Offices


Japanese Vocabulary – Government Offices 

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If you ever need to deal with the government in Japan, then the vocabulary on this page will come in very handy! If you are planning on staying in Japan for an extended time, a visit to the town hall will be at the top of your list.

There is a whole page of Japanese-English vocabulary that can help you in government-related matters. You can also check out our categorized list of Japanese-English vocabulary.

Japanese English
Japanese English
1. Kencho Prefectural Office
2. Shi-yakusho City hall
3. Hoken-jo City health
4. Yuubin-kyoku Post office
5. Keisatsu-sho Police station
6. Denwa-kyoku Telephone company
7. Suidoo-kyoku Water district
8. Zeimu-sho Bureau of internal revenue
9. Shooboo-sho Fire station
10. Un yu kyoku Land transportation office
11. Shakai hoken kyoku Social security system
12. Kishoo-choo Weather monitoring company
13. Monbu-kyoku Department of education
14. Roodoo-kyoku Department of labor and employment
15. Tsuugan-kyoku Department of trade in industry
16. Kankoo-kyoku Department of tourism
17. Kokuboo-shoo Department of national defense
18. Hoomu-kyoku Department of justice
19. Denryoku-kaisha Electric company
20. Tooshi-I in-kai Security commission
21. Gaimu-sho Department of foreign affairs
22. Saibansho Trial court
23. Kikka keisatsu National police
24. Rikugun chuuton chi Army camp
25. Kaigun Navy
26. Kuugun kichi Air force base
27. Gikai Congress
28. Ookura-shoo Department of treasury
29. Zeimusho Revenue office
30. Zeikan Custom
31. Tosho kan Library
32. Ryooji-kan Consulate
33. Taishi-kan Embassy
34. Yushutsu-shinko-chiku-kyoku Export processing zone
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