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Pictures Drawn on Digital Drawing Board “Oekaki Artist” Come Alive


You can now move the pictures you’ve just drawn! Introducing the digital drawing board “Oekaki artist,” which can function like a flip book.

18 May 2016

Bandai’s subsidiary, Megahouse, has announced that it will release a digital drawing board, in which you can move the pictures drawn and move images like a flip book, called “Oekaki artist” in the beginning of July. Its retail price is JPY 21,600 ( approx USD 197).



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With the Oekaki board, you can draw pictures with the stylus that comes with the LCD screen (9 inches). You can move the pictures along a line you’ve drawn, move images like a flip book, record a drawing procedure, or simply draw from the beginning – there are many possibilities.

The digital board has an in-built camera. You can draw or doodle on the photos taken, or trace and dim the photos.

There are 96 colors, and there’s a sound for each color used. You can choose from four types of drawing pen (such as pencil, calligraphy pen, etc) and three kinds of thickness.

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The internal memory can store up to 150 pictures. It is also possible to store and transfer the pictures using a micro SD card sold separately.

Size: 352 mm (width) × 25 mm (thickness) × 262 (height) mm.

Weight: 1,105 grams.

Comes with a handle.

Approx 4 hours of continuous usage with 3  alkaline batteries.

Main target: 3-4-year-old children. To be sold in toy stores throughout Japan.